Why Have A Custom Twitter Background

Why Have A Custom Twitter Background

When you are using Twitter for your business, you may wonder whether or not you need to have a custom Twitter background. For some, it seems like more work than is needed for something that people may not care about. Well, that is completely the wrong attitude. You want to make sure that your custom Twitter background is something that is going to catch the attention of the person who visits your Twitter account because you are trying to set yourself apart.

Generic is good if you are using a personal Twitter account, but generic is very bad if you are using a Twitter account for your business or brand.

There is the generic Twitter background and there are also 12 stock backgrounds that can be used with varying colours. These are good, but they are not great. You want to have a Twitter background that helps you stand out from the crowd and really get noticed. You want a Twitter background that is going to make people really take notice of what you have to say for your business.

The great thing is that having a custom Twitter background is very easy to do and it is something you need to consider. You do not need to be a computer programmer to have a different Twitter background, so why have you not made the decision to have a custom one?
If you want to have a custom Twitter background, then this is all you have to do:

1. Go to Settings on your Twitter page and click the Design tab
2. Select Theme and click “Change Background Image”. At this point, you can also choose to “Change Design Colours” You can really be creative here
3. All you do now is choose the design colour, or you change then go about your business making people interested in your product or service.

When you use a custom Twitter background, all you have to do is wait for your customers and clients to come to your Twitter account and see that you are not just one of the crowd. You are helping to make yourself stand out and when you do that, you get more business and make a difference in how much money you make. It may seem like that is something really easy to do, and it is, so all you have to do is make the effort.

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